The newly built tennis complex in Dobřany offers the opportunity to play tennis, not only for those who already play, but also for those who have not yet even started.



Babytenis, minitenis


With tennis lessons you can start as early as 4 years. It is not in the tennis, but a game that is intended  to prepare younglings for easier and faster handling of tennis game itself.Children usually train in a team under the guidance of a qualified trainer. Courses of  babytennis minitennis are in preparation and we will be informing you on this website news area.


Student and junior tennis


One of the goals that we have is a strong support for youth and young tennis players. To create a good conditions for year-round training. This is essential for them to succeed in sports competitions at the county, region and country levels. 


Tennis for Adults


In tennis you can start at any age. It is an excellent all-round form of movement for the whole family. You can learn by yourself or with a trainer, which we can arrange for you if needed.


If you are shy and if you feel uncomfortable,  whe someone looks at you and comments your beginnings, we will create conditions for absolute privacy, where no one will bother you. No problem if you have no equipment. you do not need to buy before you find if you will enjoy tennis, or if you manage it. In our sport shop you can choose a tennis racket you want, we will lend you also balls and other equipment.


If you have noone to play with, we will try to ensure you a playing partner with appropriate level of player skill.




Tennis Hall Dobrany offers both capacity for coaches with own students to practice their existing skills and also the possibility of organizing the recruitment and management of tennis schools with a base of the tennis complex in Dobrany. Conditions can be individually negotiated with Mr. Vladimir Tomášek tel No 602 425 291